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Lifting Overwhelm for HSP

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  • Are you an empath or highly sensitive person looking for a way to maintain your inner peace?
  • A gentle healing created for HSP or empaths. This crystalline energy session will clear the overload and bring back peace to your energy system.
  • By incorporating this crystalline energy session into your routine, you can create a sense of balance and ease, shielding yourself from overwhelm and finding freedom in your sensitivity.
  • It is soothing for anyone who feels overwhelmed by what life throws at them. The healing energy was recorded in the forest in co creation with the fairies.

Very helpful and freeing for anyone with a sensitive energy system to use on a regular basis to maintain a balanced state and avoid energy drains.

Ca 15 min with music - Eye of the Storm

Plus a 60 min silent version, you can play in the background while relaxing, reading, sleeping etc

Free viewing on You Tube

You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (14MB)
  • MP3 (18MB)

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