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  • By clearing all generational, karmic and present life blueprints and limiting patterns that are connected to your name, you can break free from the past and open up to new possibilities.
  • Your name is attached to a lot of different structures, beliefs and expectations. Patterns of wealth, poverty, violence, abuse, power, pride, shame, secrets and lies also carry through generations and can greatly impact the way you feel about your self and the world.
  • Free yourself of any patterns and beliefs connected to your name that limit you in freely expressing who you truly are. Reclaim your sovereignty.
  • Use this for your birth name, married name, or even nicknames to free yourself from the associated blueprints and limitations. 

Ca 24 min session with music

Plus a 1 hour silent version  

You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (27MB)
  • MP3 (12MB)

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