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Embody the healing power of the Crystalline grid

Be the light you want to see in the world. Connect with the high frequency energy of the Crystalline Grid of Earth and experience a profound transformation of your frequency. Tap into the deeply healing and cleansing energy of the grid, and be a beacon of high frequency energy everywhere you go. Embrace the power of this connection and unlock your true potential to bring positive change to your life and the world around you.

Do you...

  • think of yourself as a lightworker or healer
  • want to radiate love and light into the world
  • dream of creating a high frequency life for yourself and others
  • know that there is more available to you than what is considered normal
  • want to let go of old programming, imprints and limiting constructs of reality
  • believe in magic

Transform darkness into light

Shift the energy everywhere you go and show up in the world with your innate wisdom and gifts.

Create a sanctuary for yourself and your loved ones

Awaken and reactivate your inner crystal, the connection to the multidimensional energy of the Crystalline Grid.

  • Learn ways to work with the crystalline energy for healing and elevating the frequency of people and places.
  • Clear blocks, limiting patterns contracts, oaths and more.
  • Clear dense energy and old patterns that keep you from being your true Self.
  • Play an active part in the transition to New Earth by clearing old programming, density and the limiting constructs of the consensus reality.

Experience the energy of the Crystalline Grid

This session clears trauma that is held in the body. It gives you a good sense what you can do with this activation.

How it works

  • after sign up, you'll get an email to schedule a 1:1 call at your preferred date and time.
  • the Zoom or Skype call will be approximately 2,5 hours.
  • after introduction you'll receive a healing session to prepare your system for the reconnection..
  • followed by the (re)activating and connection session, both sessions typically lasts for 30-45 minutes.
  • after a short review, we’ll explore various ways to work with the Crystalline Grid for healing and clearing.
  • learn how to create a pillar of crystalline light in your home. create a sanctuary for yourself.
  • you'll receive a workbook with all the information you need to make a profound impact in your life.
  • Bonus : you can participate in the Daily Energy Sessions for free.

What it costs

Embody the healing power of the Crystalline Grid



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